Our Independent Software Testing & Validation service helps organizations achieve quality objectives with faster time-to-market and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

From module level to the application level, we offer different types and levels of testing, and depending upon the purpose for testing and your software requirements/specifications, we will suggest the testing methodologies that would best suit your products.

Our Service Focus

The Independent Software Testing & Validation service focuses on the following

  • Quality objectives
    For each testing project, we ensure that we collect and understand all quality requirements and concerns. We would then ensure that we are capable of delivering the required objectives before making the plan.
  • Time to market
    Besides quality objectives, we strive to help clients accelerate the time to market with smooth and well planned release of their software and systems.
  • Reduced TCO
    We understand that the costs of our services should not be additional costs to our clients. We work with clients to ensure the overall reduced TCO of their systems.