Businesses face numerous challenges in the economic environment: shrinking profit margins, longer payment terms and cost cutting, to name a few. Support functionality that IT organizations have been providing to businesses is no longer enough. IT organizations are being asked to help drive the business results. As the result, IT organizations must transform.

There are so many daily operational activities in the business that directly impact IT organizations. In fact, IT provides the foundation and supports to most of those activities. Among those activities, IT organizations must be able to identify which ones are critical to business in order to build the adequate IT capabilities to effectively and efficiently support those.

In addition, IT organizations have to be able to turn themselves into efficient and sustainable organizations.

Etigo’s Approach

Etigo can help organizations achieve these goals. Our approach is one capability at a time or multiple disciplines at once, depending upon our client’s ability.

Transformation Services

Etigo provides a full range of transformation services to help clients transform their IT functions. Services include:

  • IT capability maturity assessment
  • IT workforce diagnosis and transformation
  • IT capability planning and development
  • IT transformation implementation