Being an independent ERP consultant, Etigo plays a central role in bridging the gaps between the corporation (who invests in the ERP system) and the system integrator/implementation partner. We provide unbiased solutions and action plans for all tasks and issues within an ERP project.

Why Etigo?

Usually implementation partner (also referred to as System Integrator) deploys the same methodology to most of ERP projects, but the outcome is different. The project success depends on the following key factors:

  • Ability to manage and execute the project well.
  • Ability to deal with significant changes that occur during the project implementation.
  • Experience in executing an enterprise-wide project at a large scale.
  • How well “PR” activities to promote and communicate the project are done.
  • Proper assessment of the implementation partner’s ability to complete the project as planned.
  • Planning for adequate resources, budget and risks.

Etigo steps into a project to assist and ensure that all of the above are independently assessed, measured and executed.

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